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Hair supplementation

Glamour, volume, length: film-star hair, every woman’s dream! Making the hair fuller and longer from the top has a tremendous effect. The hair is optically fuller from the crown down, and with such a hair supplement your hair can swirl and swerve like a TV commercial. You can wear it whenever you like, to parties and events, but also in the course of the day. Let us surprise you with the many possibilities in this respect. They can be worn with a temporary attachment in the form of a clip, or a permanent attachment connected to your own hair. A fashionable and interesting way to make your hair look different any time you like.

Hair accessories

Here the sky is the limit. In other words: everything is possible, from a bun to a plait, from Grace Kelly’s French Twist to any fantasy hairdo you can think of. We make these accessories of the same type of hair as your own and of course in exactly the same colour. We have a whole set of designs for you to choose from, but that doesn’t mean you cannot come up with your own idea. All the better! We love new things and innovative suggestions!


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