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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can people see if I’m wearing a hair work or a hair addition?
    A hair work or a hair addition is absolutely invisible. Nobody can see or feel it.
  • Can I do anything I wish, such as swimming, sport, dancing, etc?
    Yes, you can lead your life as usual and wear it doing fun things.
  • How long will a hair work last?
    Depends on the wearer. Are you neat or are you untidy? If you follow our instructions it will last for years.
  • Do I really need a hair work? Is there no pill, cream or hair tonic?
    There is no way to make hair grow again by using pills, creams or suchlike.
  • I want my hair the way I always had it; is that possible?
    It is possible to copy your own hairdo exactly, and you can treat and maintain it the way you always did.
  • Will my own hair be shaved off for a hair extension or a hair work?
    We never shave people’s own hair: every hair you’ve got, counts.
  • How will my hair work be attached?
    We adapt the hair work and the attachment to your situation.
  • Can I still get a modern hairdo or change in hair colours?
    With a hair extension anything is possible! Hip, classical, colour change, whatever you wish!
  • Is Hair Consultancy only for hair problems through medical causes?
    No, it is not; we are equally at home with cosmetic hair wishes.
  • Could my loss of hair not be medically treated?
    We are not going to take the place of dermatologists or doctors, but we can refer you to qualified people in the field.

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