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Is a hair work my kind of thing?

Only you can answer this question after the informative consultation. If you decide to go along with our solution we will make a second appointment.

Your hair work made to measure

In the second interview, the design and the base are discussed and the hair is selected. All your wishes, ideas and sketches are taken into account. We discuss in detail the fall of the hair, the placing of the parting, on the right or the left or in the middle, whether the hair should be worn towards the back or the front or brushed sideways, and whether it should be straight or curly. Then we make a new appointment for the cutting and styling of the hair work. Our procedures for Couture Hair Work are the best there is in this line.

How long before your hair work is finished?

Each hair work is made by hand. It is knotted hair by hair on the handmade base. That takes time: an average of ten weeks. If there is an urgent medical necessity, such as chemotherapy treatment, it gets precedence and we will ensure that your hair work is finished even before there is any hair loss. If necessary it is possible to produce a ready-to-wear hair work within twenty days.

The lifespan of hair works

Couture Hair Work has a long lifespan. Hair is essentially very strong, but it may wear in the course of the years as a result of combing, brushing, blow-drying, etc. The material used for the base is very light and super thin and therefore the most vulnerable part. We advise you on how best to treat it, but it is after all an object for daily use, and your lifestyle and the way the hair work is handled partly determine its lifespan. Sleeping without the hair work significantly lengthens the lifespan. A hair work will last four or five years when intensively used. After about two years we touch up the hair work and new hair can be knotted in.

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