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Informative Consultation

First you make an appointment for an informal informative consultation. This will take an hour to an hour and a half, is free of charge and entirely without obligations. You tell us your wishes and/or your needs, we assess the existing situation and will inform you about the cause of your hair loss if that is your problem.

Get to know a hair work

We then show you various hair works for you to touch and feel and become familiar with the material and our way of working; you will also be shown ‘before and after’ photos of customers who have given us their permission to show them, people with various hair problems who have chosen to have a hair work.

Advice for a natural head of hair

We provide detailed advice about the best way to give you a natural head of hair and how to attach it. We then tell you all there is to know about the maintenance and possible follow-up, depending on the attachment method. We give you a quotation, explain the terms of payment, and if applicable we look at what your health insurer will contribute. Bring along your health insurance card. At the end of the interview you will know everything you need to know for a possible treatment.

In the mean time take a look in the salon, Saskia will show you around.

Informatie Consult4

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