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Price of a hair work

The price of a hair work depends on a number of factors: the size of the base, the quantity of hair, the colour and the current price of hair. A hair work, for instance, for which the base is a few square cm, when the hair is lightly knotted, and has a length of 25cm, is obviously not in the same price category as 60 cm-long, densely knotted hair, on a complete base for a case of total baldness. The type of hair used also determines the price. Caucasian (European) hair, not chemically treated, is the best quality but it is scarce and therefore more expensive. In brief: the price varies between approximately € 3.500.- und € 5000.-. You will receive an exact quotation beforehand so that there is no surprise afterwards.

Insurance coverage

Most insurance companies offer a basic reimbursement of a minimum of € 418.50 (2016). If you have a supplementary insurance you may qualify for additional coverage. The amount differs from one insurance company to another and depends on the insurance you have taken out. You can find the reimbursements for hair works in the terms and conditions under ‘extras/medical aids’. Hair Consultancy offers contracted care, which means that we invoice your treatment directly to your insurance company. The Tax Office, too, has its own income-dependent regulations for health care costs.

Guarantees of your hair work

After strict quality control the hair work is presented to you. If you are satisfied with the result, a one-year guarantee is initiated for any shortcomings that may come to light. There is no guarantee for damage or defects as a result of incorrect use or maintenance, a fall, a banging of the head or other unusual occurrences, or if the hair work has been coloured or cut inexpertly anywhere else.

Prijs van een haarwerk

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