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Bart Brom

“I don’t think she’d ever have expected it, but Saskia is in Playboy. Her hair works at least. I always do Stacey Rookhuizen’s hair and she loves Saskia’s hair works. We used them for her photo-shoot for Playboy. The nice thing about Stacey is that she doesn’t think using hairpieces is a big deal.
In that sense she breaks through a hair taboo. Other celebrities are always very secretive about it. They will proudly show their closest friends how beautiful Hair Consultancy’s hair is, but for the outside world they always pretend it’s their own hair. Just like with their new breasts. Stacey is very open about it. She loves fashionable hairdos, something different every time if possible, and Saskia’s hair is the best there is on the market.
So I work exclusively with Saskia’s hair.”



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