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Kelly van der Veer

“I’m a difficult customer for Saskia because I’m capricious and fickle as far as my hair goes: I like it long (it once reached down to my bum), sometimes short, in all colours and styles. I want something different every time. I don’t mind saying that she has improved my life no end, because beautiful hair is very important to me, and for myself I don’t have enough of it, and I don’t always manage to get it right. I have about six of her hair works.

They are not cheap, Saskia’s hair works, but wickedly beautiful and really hard-wearing. Although I did wear one right down, I have to admit. But that’s me all over: far too much cutting and dyeing and messing around with it. I don’t think anyone else could wear out one of Saskia’s hair works.”


Ontwerp: Dakota Vormgeving   Realisatie & CMS: Segestia