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Hair loss caused by radiotherapy affects only the treated areas. We can cover them up with a made-to-measure hair work so that there is no visible difference with your own remaining hair. If part of the skull has been removed we prepare a soft, light-weight prosthesis in the hair work so that the curve of the skull is once more intact. The hair still available is incorporated into the hair work, and the way it is attached depends on the individual situation.


This form of hair loss is caused by an obsessive-compulsive neurosis. Based on our experience with clients who suffer from this compulsive urge to pull out their hair, we have come to two different solutions.

1. We produce a detachable hair work: the visual aspect is dealt with and no one else will notice.
2. We use a permanent attachment: apart from dealing with the visual aspect it also stops the clients pulling out their hair because it makes it physically possible. Quite often this results in the hair growing again, provided the condition has not been going on too long.

In the informative interview we can go into this more deeply.

If you are in possession of a medical indication the costs will be partly reimbursed by your health insurance company.

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