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Attaching the hair work

There are two methods of attaching a hair work: permanent or detachable. The choice depends on the personal situation, for instance whether there is some own hair still available or not. The two methods can again be subdivided in various ways. The choice for a detachable or a permanent attachment also influences the life span.

Detachable attachment

The term detachable is in fact misleading because this way, too, the hair is securely attached. The only difference is that you can put it on or take it off yourself. It is up to you whether you sleep with it on or not. You can wash the hair work either on your head or separate. You can also decide whether to have it cut by us or by your own hairdresser.

Permanent attachment

For a permanent attachment there needs to be some residual hair, however little. It does mean that you need to come back every six weeks so that we can detach it and perhaps cut and colour your own hair. Then the hair work is attached again.

During the informative consultation we discuss the various possibilities and the cost of the follow-up in cases of permanent attachment.


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