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Made-to-measure hair advice

There is a solution for everything. Each hair problem is unique, so we find a made-to-measure solution for each individual client. It is important that you decide in advance (and write down) what exactly the problem is and what you expect from us. It would be helpful if you could show us pictures of how you’d like your hair to look, either on photos of your own or cut-outs from magazines. That way we can work faster and more efficiently. On that basis we will make a design that shows you clearly how you can expect the end result to look.

Hair and Base

On the basis of the approved design, we decide together on the right materials for the hair as well as the base. Structure, colour, texture, the fall of the hair, the cut, everything will be exactly the way you want it. We will not force anything upon you. We will also look for the right material for the base, because there again the rule is: every head is different. Why not take a look in the salon?


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