Hair Work for Children

We will gladly work with you to seek a simple and effective solution to address the hair problem for your child. For this purpose, a special approach is needed.

Children’s comfort

Children’s comfort and a natural movement of the hair is an absolute requirement. It is particularly important that you work with your child to visit the consultation with us. It is best to write down your questions beforehand. Give us an insight into the daily life of your child in his hobbies, his agility, his spontaneity. Let your child and tell yourself why your hair is so important for her or for him. Based on this information, we’re giving our expert recommendation.

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After this consultation, you will know everything you need to know for a possible treatment.
During this consultation you tell us your wishes, the need and/or necessity and we will give you detailed advice.

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Dutch famous top stylist

Leco van Zadelhof

Top stylist experience

"The hair works are couture. Pure haute couture. There are many companies doing the same work, but they do not go beyond the prêt-à-porter level". Pure haute couture"
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Stories from our clients

"When I saw myself in the mirror with the hair work on,
I could only express two phrases of happiness:
'This is me, because I used to have this hair
in the past.”
Sylvia Vermaas


Stories from our clients

"I always wear a hair work, people don't know me any other way.
And it really is indistinguishable from my own hair.
Because they are
of such high quality real hair,
they will last for years"
Sady (32)

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