Prices, compensation and guarantees

Curious about how much a hair work will cost you and what compensation options are available? We will be happy to provide you with more clarity about the prices and help you explore the possibilities with your health care provider. On this page you will also find more information about our guarantees. Because hairpieces come in all shapes and sizes, prices can vary greatly.

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Hair works and hair supplements

Price indication

As we only work with genuine real hair exclusively, a different price level applies compared to hairpieces produced in a factory. Most hair works and hair supplements cost between €4600,- and €5995,-. During a consultation, we will give you an exact quotation based on your personal situation. A hair work will last very long if you take good care of it. For this purpose you can purchase special care products at Hair Consultancy. Also bear in mind that the hairpiece needs to be updated every 1.5 to 3 years.

Reimbursement possibilities healthcare insurance company

When purchasing a hairpiece, it is important to check what reimbursement your healthcare insurance provides.

Various healthcare insurers provide a basic allowance for hair work. Various healthcare insurers provide a basic allowance for hair work. When you have supplementary insurance, you may be eligible for an extra reimbursement for a hair work. This can significantly reduce your own contribution to a hair work. The height of this varies per insurance company and depends on the additional coverage you have contracted. The reimbursements for hair works can be found in the insurance conditions under ‘supplements – aids’.

Administrative settlement taken care of Hair Consultancy takes care of the administrative settlement with your healthcare insurance. We provide contracted care. This means that we will invoice your reimbursement directly with your healthcare insurance. In addition to the reimbursement from your healthcare insurer, the tax authorities also have income-related arrangements for healthcare costs. In which case you can often also be reimbursed.

Hair Consultancy’s

Guarantee on your hair work

Once we have produced your hair work, it will be delivered to you after a rigorous inspection. Are you satisfied with the result? Then we offer you a one-year guarantee on any defects that come to light at a later date. We do not guarantee damage caused by misuse. Think of falling, bumping your head or other unusual occurrences. Also when you have had your hair cut or coloured elsewhere, this is not covered by our guarantee.

Questions about prices, compensation or guarantees?

Do you have questions about compensation options? Would you like to know more about the guarantee or would you like a tailor-made quote?Please contact us for more information.

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