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Hair weaving

Lengthening the hair or making it appear fuller is achieved by weaving: adding strands of hair to make the hair optically longer/fuller. All such strands are made to measure by hand, so that a perfect match with your own hair is achieved, or whatever your wishes are. A weave may be fastened to the wearer’s own hair and the wefted hair integrates with the existing hair. Afterwards, a two or three monthly visit to the hairdresser is necessary, because as a result of the own hair growing, the weave’s distance to the skull grows as well. The tempo at which hair grows is different for every individual, and this determines how often a visit to the hairdresser is necessary. Such weaving is only possible with healthy hair.

You can also attach the weave to your hair yourself by means of clips. That way it is entirely up to you when you want your hair to be longer and/or fuller. It is a simple method that is easy to learn and no follow-up treatment will be necessary.

The cost of this treatment depends on the number of strands needed.






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