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The hair experts at Hair Consultancy Bussum look forward to welcoming you. You are welcome to visit us at any time and experience our high level of service. Discretion is of paramount importance to us. Is there an urgent need? Do not hesitate to contact us. Six days per week we are available for you and urgent repairs are carried out immediately while you wait.

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Meet our team of renowned experts

  • Renowned experts
  • 35 years of experience
  • Tips and advice for unwanted hair loss
  • Exclusive tailor-made hair work
  • Privacy guaranteed
  • Our own Hairwork Studio
Our team’s goal is to provide as many women as possible with the most beautiful hair, giving them back their looks and self-confidence.The team members all have their own expertise in the field of hair work and have a great deal of experience and hair knowledge.
By applying only the best methods, together they ensure that your hair work looks as natural as possible.


I have been working as a hair specialist for a number of years now. I understand that it can be quite challenging and perhaps even confronting to talk about your hair problem.
That’s why I really give everyone I help my full attention and also try to ensure that clients can relax.
Both at the time of delivery and during the other treatments.
Clients who are satisfied with their new hair work, that’s my goal.


My name is Oscar, I have been working for Hair Consultancy Bussum since 2019.
Every day I make sure that everything looks well-groomed and runs smoothly.
Primarily over the phone behind my desk.
You don´t see me, but every day I speak to several of our customers to ensure that all appointments go as planned.
In addition, during your visit I will make sure that the candles are lit and that you will be served a nice cup of coffee or tea!


After having worked as a hairdresser for almost 19 years, I was looking for a new challenge and more depth within my profession.
I found this at Hair Consultancy.
Giving that little bit of extra personal attention to the client, through my creativity and great empathy, is what makes me happy!With our tailor-made hairpieces ensuring that the client walks out the door with more self-confidence and a big smile is what gives me satisfaction.
Because everyone deserves beautiful hair!


With almost 40 years of experience in the hairdressing profession, I have been working at Hair Consultancy for several years now.
I bring my years of (life) experience with me into my work as a hair specialist.
I like to use my expertise and passion for beautiful hair to give people the best advice.
Our beautiful couture hairpieces are tailor-made and are ideal for medical or cosmetic purposes.
It is familiar and rewarding to guide everyone throughout the entire process.
From measuring, to selecting beautiful hair, to cutting and modelling.


For almost 30 years, I have been working in the studio in Bussum!
With great pleasure and fine colleagues.
My daily work is primarily mixing the hairs to the right colour, and preparing them for the knotting, hackling, and the knotting itself.


During my study I started as an intern at Hair Consultancy.
Now, 15 years on, I am a hair work specialist and coordinator.
I would not want to work in a normal salon anymore.
The time and attention you spend on someone is very valuable and pleasant to do.
It is always very beautiful and special to see how happy and confident you can make people with a beautiful head of hair.
The smile on their face… that gives me satisfaction!


From the age of 15 I have been working in various hairdressing salons.
I am very eager to learn and noticed that in a ‘normal’ salon everything quickly stagnates.
I tried it outside the hairdressing profession but I missed practising my passion a lot.
By coincidence I noticed the vacancy at Hair Consultancy and in the meantime I have been working here for a year, a year that has flown by.
I notice that providing someone with a hair work means so much more than a normal hairdresser’s visit.
The relationships you create with the clients are incredibly valuable and I cherish them very much.
My goal during a treatment is also to listen carefully to the client’s needs in order to make the experience feel as pleasant as possible.


Since 2013 I have been working in hairdressing, which I enjoy doing.
After having worked in a regular hairdressing salon for a number of years I switched to Hair Consultancy… There we help people who need a tailor-made hair work because of thinning hair, hair diseases, chemo or if someone just finds it beautiful.
It always pleases me when someone leaves with a little more self-confidence.
I also work in the studio to help my colleague.
This is where I do preparatory work for the making of the hair work and repairs.

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