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Do you suffer from unwanted hair loss and have you tried everything? Hair Consultancy creates hair works from 100% untreated European hair. Hair that matches your own hair as closely as possible. Do you desire a full head of hair again? Hair Consultancy is your best-kept secret.

As natural as your own hair

Your original hairstyle again? For hair replenishment and hair extensions we use pure and natural hair. Our hair works are made from 100% untreated European hair. Hair that is almost indistinguishable from your real hair. Not only will you get your full head of hair back, you will also get closer to yourself again.

Specialist in hair work

Honest advice from real hair specialists

We have been specialists in hair work for cosmetic hair wishes and medical hair problems for over 35 years. If you are dealing with hair loss and/or baldness, we provide you with a tailor-made solution. Experience our high level of service personally.

Feels as natural as your own hair

Indistinguishable from real hair

Honest advice from hair specialists

Receive tips and solutions from renowned experts.

About Hair Consultancy

High service level

We help you with a personal approach to sparkle again.

Medical hairworks

The best tailored solution for your hair

Hair loss can have multiple causes, such as illness, medication or genetic factors. The most common forms of hair loss are Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Androgenetics and Chemotherapy. Tell our renowned experts what your wishes are in a free consultation. Together we will look at your existing situation. Next, we will inform you what is the best way for you to get your natural hairstyle back. You will also receive a quotation including payment conditions and we will check what is covered by your healthcare insurance. At the end of this consultation you will be fully informed about a possible treatment. Of course, your privacy is fully guaranteed.

A personal solution for hair loss

Cosmetic Hairwork

Glamour, volume, length

Glamour, volume, length: movie star hair, every woman’s dream! Making your hair fuller or longer from the top gives stunning effects. Your hair becomes optically fuller from the crown and with such an extension your hair can dance and move like in a television commercial. Here, too, both the loose attachment with a clip and the fixed attachment with a bond to your own hair are possible. A fun and fashionable way to keep your hair styling different all the time.

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During this consultation you tell us your wishes, the need and/or necessity and we will give you detailed advice.

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Stories from our clients

“When I saw myself in the mirror with the hair work on, I could only express two phrases of happiness: ‘This is me, because I used to have this hair in the past’.”
Sylvia Vermaas


Stories from our clients

“I always wear a hairwork, people don’t know me any other way. And it really is indistinguishable from my own hair. Because they are of such high quality real hair, they will last for years”.
Sady (32)

Frequently asked questions.

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Is Hair Consultancy open during the current Covid-19 lock down?

Is Hair Consultancy open during the current Covid-19 lock down?
Yes, Hair Consultancy is open.

What is the difference between European hair and other types of hair?

Hair Consultancy Bussum uses 100% untreated European hair. This type of hair is durable and of the highest quality. Thin hair structures are used that match your own hair structure. It also ensures that curly hair drops naturally. The hair work is always made by hand. There is no factory work involved and we are guaranteed to deliver tailor-made work. Your hair work will be matched as much as possible to your remaining hair and hair colour.

What is the cost of a hair work?

A: Because we only work with exclusive real hair, a different price level applies than for hair works produced in a factory. A hair work will last very long if you take good care of it. When you have supplementary insurance, you may be eligible for an extra reimbursement for a hair work. Hair Consultancy takes care of the administrative settlement with your healthcare insurance. During a consultation, we will give you an exact quotation based on your personal situation.

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How long will a hair work last

Depends on the user. Are you neat or careless? With all our instructions your hair work can last for years.

I want hair as I used to have it, is that possible?

It is possible to reproduce your hairstyle exactly. You can therefore treat and maintain it in the same way

Can I do everything with it, for example swim, play sports, dance?

Yes, you can live a normal life with it and do the fun things you are used to doing

Can I still get a modern hairstyle or colour change?

With a hair extension, anything is possible! Hip, classic, whatever you want!

Will my hair be shaved for a hair extension or hair work?

We do not shave off any hair. Every hair you have is included

Dutch famous top stylist

Leco van Zadelhof

Top stylist experience

“The hair works are couture. Pure haute couture. There are many companies doing the same work, but they do not go beyond the prêt-à-porter level”
Leco about Hair Consultancy >

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