Chemotherapy may lead to hair loss. It is advisable to make an appointment for an informative interview to discuss what the possibilities are. We can begin to make the hair work even before chemotherapy has actually started. The earlier the better. Most clients with this medical background prefer a hair work that is as much like their own hair as possible. That is no problem. The more photos and examples you have of the natural situation, the better we can imitate it.

Making a hair work

Making a hair work takes ten weeks. But clients who have to undergo chemotherapy have precedence and we will make the hair work before hair loss starts, if necessary within twenty days. Time is of the essence, for your application and also for the moment of delivery.

After the informative interview

After the informative interview, and if you choose to continue with us, a second appointment is made for cutting and blow-drying the hair work on top of your own hair. You will have had no hair loss yet. When hair loss commences it will be hidden under the hair work. If the planning is right you need not be visibly without hair at all.

If you wish, we can cut your hair when hair loss starts and give you an intensive, relaxing head massage as a bonus. At such a time, any form of pampering is extra pleasant. We then attach the hair work with double-sided tape, specially made for the skin of the skull.

If there is a medical indication, the costs are sometimes partially reimbursed.

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Leco van Zadelhof

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"The hair works are couture. Pure haute couture. There are many companies doing the same work, but they do not go beyond the prêt-à-porter level". Pure haute couture"
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Stories from our clients

"When I saw myself in the mirror with the hair work on,
I could only express two phrases of happiness:
'This is me, because I used to have this hair
in the past.”
Sylvia Vermaas


Stories from our clients

"I always wear a hair work, people don't know me any other way.
And it really is indistinguishable from my own hair.
Because they are
of such high quality real hair,
they will last for years"
Sady (32)

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